Learn about the memory loss & Regain Memory 360, A complete Brain workout program for the people with memory loss, researched & developed by Suresh Kumar M.D. Triple Board Certified Traumatic Brain Injury medicine specialist & Neurologist. Director of Headache, Traumatic Brain Injury & Memory Research Institute Frisco

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Our Services

Our Services

Physican Assisted memory loss evaluation & treatment we can detect signs of early dementia or minimal memory loss and plan intervention to prevent any future loss.

Our Experiences
Our research have shown to improve memory to 5 to 8 years in dementia and Pre-injury level in the traumatic brain injury.
Our Motto
Our therapy is a race against time; Lost time is a lost opportunity to recover!


Brain Injury Cognitive Screen
Tests all the lobes in brain in 4.5 minutes mobile app test any where.

About Suresh Kumar

Dr. Suresh Kumar M.D.


Dr. Suresh Kumar is a double board certified neurologist & headaches Medicine, member of the American Academy of Neurology, American Headaches Society, International Headache Society, and American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. He is on many sections of these groups to promote and create knowledge. Dr. Kumar’s life has been dedicated to the advance medical research and improvements in patient care. He completed his neurology residency training from LSU Shreveport, Louisiana, and established his neurology research based practice in Louisiana and Texas. Dr. Kumar has researched and published in field of Headaches, TBI &, Memory loss.

Dr. Kumar has developed RM 360 protocol for neuro-cognitive training for dementia and TBI patients with cognitive deficit. Dr. Kumar and his team have successfully trained more than 40 patients with cognitive deficit. We have compiled our data and presented at American Academy of Neurology Meetings as research abstract in 2015 as pilot study & presented more data in American Congress Rehabilitation Medicine in October 2015.